Bully Ray Praises WWE's Damian Priest For Becoming The 'Star Of Judgment Day'

The Judgment Day might be dealing with its newest member, R-Truth as of late, but Bully Ray believes it is Damian Priest who is becoming the star of the faction, with the WWE Hall Of Famer praising Priest for doing a "great job." "First of all, his stature is different than anyone, he's considerably bigger than everybody else obviously Finn and Dom and the new guy," Bully said on "Busted Open Radio." "He looks cool in his gear, he looks cool in his backstage stuff, I love how he's finding this groove and this rhythm in the way he speaks. He's got good base in his voice, as a matter of fact sometimes the less Priest says the better because it hits harder."

Priest was part of the group before anybody else, originally helping Edge defeat AJ Styles at WrestleMania 38, aligning himself with the "Rated-R Superstar" in the process, and since then his presence in the faction has grown. Bully went on to praise Priest's looks, facial expressions, and the cadence in which he speaks, evidently being a fan of Senor Money In The Bank. That is something Priest has tried to cash in multiple times now, teasing Seth Rollins with the idea, but Bully fantasy booked one scenario where it could finally happen.

"Punk vs Seth night one main event WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Punk wins, 'Yay, Punk won, CM Punk, new champion.' Damien Priest in the ring hits his finish, Priest wins," Ray said. "What's wrong with that? That's the biggest moment you could give Damien Priest."

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