Video: DIJAK Promises A 'Path Of Bodies' & Joe Gacy Will Be The First

"WWE NXT" star DIJAK is on the warpath following a confrontation with Joe Gacy on Tuesday. DIJAK was facing off against Trey Bearhill with former Schism leader Gacy on commentary. During the match, DIJAK got in Gacy's face, and Gacy hit him with a headbutt. Following the match, Gacy blindsided DIJAK and the two brawled up the ramp and into the back. In a WWE Digital Exclusive promo, DIJAK called out Gacy and even referred to Retribution, the failed stable where he was known as "T-Bar."

"You know what's crazy, Joe?" DIJAK asked. "Crazy is seven years in this company and never getting a real opportunity. Crazy is inexplicably getting renamed and getting a mask thrown on you ... I should be the 'NXT' Champion ... because I'm the best wrestler in the world and I'm done pretending that's not the truth. You're about to see a side of me that none of you have ever seen before. I'm about to leave a path of bodies 10 miles long and yours is about to be the first Joe Gacy. You want to see crazy? Okay. Let's get crazy."

Most recently in regards to the title picture, DIJAK was involved in the Iron Survivor Challenge at "NXT" Deadline. He started the match against Josh Briggs, and faced Tyler Bate, Bron Breakker, and Trick Williams in it. Though DIJAK scored three falls, he still came up short, with Williams getting the victory.