Jake Roberts Says This 1980s NWA/WWE Star Deserves A Hall Of Fame Induction

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts has faced them all during his legendary career, from big names like Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, and Sting to wrestlers that have long been forgotten about by modern-day fans. That includes Ron Bass, whom Roberts first encountered during his days in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, and would continue to see throughout the 80s, most notably when they worked together in WWE.

Years later, Bass remains a talent that made a positive impression on Roberts. During the latest episode of "The Snake Pit," Roberts spoke highly of Bass as both a person and a performer and expressed interest in Bass receiving the ultimate honor.

"He was a good guy man," Roberts said. "He was solid, good guy, wouldn't hurt a flea. My kind of guy. It would be nice [if he could get into the Hall of Fame]."

Born December 21, 1949, Bass debuted as a wrestler in 1971 and would spend the next decade gaining recognition traveling between National Wrestling Alliance territories, including Mid-Atlantic, Big Time Wrestling (the precursor for World Class Championship Wrestling), Championship Wrestling from Florida, and Portland Wrestling. Despite being from Arkansas, Bass was billed from Texas and became known as "Cowboy" Ron Bass, or more notably "The Outlaw" Ron Bass throughout his career.

While he had notable feuds with the likes of Dusty Rhodes during his territory days, Bass achieved his greatest fame in WWE, where he worked from 1987 to 1989. Bass would retire full-time in 1991, having won 25 champions during his career, including the NWA National and Television Titles, and settled in Florida, where he'd live until passing away in 2017. His son, Ron Bass Jr., has since followed in his footsteps, debuting as a wrestler in 2019.

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