AEW Star Adam Copeland Identifies Element Common To 'Any Good Promo'

Adam Copeland has arguably earned his place amongst the greatest wrestlers of his generation, and across his career, he's cut several memorable promos. Copeland recently appeared on "Busted Open Radio," where he explained what goes through his mind as he prepares for a role.

According to Copeland, good promos and characters always have an element of truth, and noted how he took the same approach when preparing for his recent role as Ares in the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" television show. "I always said if I have those elements in my wrestling character, even if it's in the character of Ares, things that I can relate to – that Adam can relate to – if I can bite onto those truths, then the fiction will follow."

Additionally, he recalled how he put himself in the mind of his character Kjetill Flatnose in the "Vikings" television show. "Okay, so I play this slowly-going-insane Viking. Okay, why is he going insane? Oh, his pregnant daughter was murdered! Right, got that. I could tap into that, and I could take it to a place because of that."

Copeland again referred back to Ares, and how he similarly got into the character's mind. "With Ares, it's like he has jealousies, he's a god but he's insecure. He's jealous of his sister, he's envious of his father. That's the same with a wrestling promo. I got to find a truth in it in order for it to sound real to a wrestling audience."

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