More Details On Kevin Dunn's Final Days In WWE

After over 40 years with the company, Kevin Dunn brought his time working for WWE to an end at the start of the year, which has led to several changes taking place within the company as WWE begins to go with a new approach. However, according to Fightful Select, it was noted that Dunn was not as hard to work alongside as how people imagined, although "he did demand the best" out of people. 

While Dunn was well known for his close working relationship with Vince McMahon, it was also noted that he also "got along well" with Triple H and Bruce Prichard, as well as other segment producers. They would all work together and "exchange ideas" without "stepping on toes," with the focus often being on safety. An example of that was at WrestleMania 38 with the pyro for Cody Rhodes' return, which Dunn held off to ensure the camera crew would be safe.

Dunn was also "around for almost every show," even up until the end of his tenure with WWE. However, he wasn't at every single event as he took holiday time, and when that happened it would be the "WWE NXT" producers that typically filled in that gap. 

One big show that he missed was WWE Survivor Series last year, which featured the returns of Randy Orton and CM Punk, and it was Triple H who took complete control of the broadcast that day. However, Dunn was heavily involved in every aspect of WWE's broadcasts, which is why his departure was such a big deal to the company. He was involved in things such as lighting, graphics, and camera work to pyro, audio, and videos, and he was known for giving feedback on anything he believed could be improved upon.