Maven Weighs In On One Benefit WWE Should Absolutely Offer Talent

Former WWE star Maven has discussed an important benefit that WWE should provide to their wrestlers: health insurance.

On his YouTube channel where he recently reviewed CM Punk's infamous interview with Colt Cabana following his WWE exit in 2014, Maven empathized and agreed with Punk's view that wrestlers should be given health insurance.

"It is crazy to think what we do, and there's no health insurance. Again, there's an insurance if you get hurt in the ring, but if you get a flu or you have to go for whatever ... whatever happens there's no insurance for that and that's a crazy thing. That's something that I've never understood," said the former Tough Enough star.

In the aforementioned interview, Punk expressed frustration with his standing in WWE, citing the challenges of wrestling with injuries. He even went as far as to say that he would prefer working at the coffee chain Starbucks, joking that they would probably provide him with insurance.

WWE covers hospitalization costs for only those performers who have suffered an injury in the ring but doesn't provide health insurance in general. The backroom employees in WWE, though, have health insurance policies. WWE not providing health insurance to their performers has been a raging topic for years, with Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura advocating for a wrestler's union way back in the '80s so that they could get medical care, but he was unsuccessful in his attempt in unionizing wrestling. More recently, talk show host John Oliver once again brought to light and shamed WWE for still not providing health insurance.

While several people in the pro wrestling business have been in favor of WWE giving their stars health insurance, the likes of Matt Hardy and RVD have previously defended the pro wrestling promotion, citing that they take care of their employees well.