NWA Champion EC3 Questions Whether Wrestling Is Really 'Hot' Right Now

Former WWE star EC3 believes that WWE is thriving right now, but wonders if there's more scope for growth, especially for the promotion's rivals.

"WWE's hot right now," declared EC3 in a recent discussion on Chris Van Vliet's "Insight" podcast. When Van Vliet added that wrestling in general is going through a boom phase, EC3 questioned if that's the truth. "Is it hot right now? I don't know ... yes and no."

"I'm trying to figure out because when you look at it, it seems like the television product has waning interest based on ratings."

The current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship then revealed that he had a conversation with John Cena, to learn about the business better. EC3 feels that WWE is doing well, but that interest doesn't appear to have transferred to the likes of AEW, TNA/Impact, and NWA.

"Yeah, it seems like WWE has become content creation so while the number has merit and meaning, it's not nearly what it used to be. So in that theory too, you watch Survivor Series like everyone's talking about it, right? So that is hot, but then is that hotness trickling down to an AEW, to an Impact, to an NWA, or is there too much saturation? Are we that hot? Are we hot within our bubble, in our niche? I agree with that. Are we hot with a mainstream? I don't know," questioned EC3.

He feels that the pro wrestling business concentrates on catering to its own audience, but doesn't target the mainstream audience. EC3 thinks that pro wrestling can be even more popular than it is now if it tries to bring the mainstream audience to its product. WWE's ratings have increased over the last year or so, with the company breaking many records, but their chief rival AEW's ratings have stagnated over the same period.