Maven Recalls How WWE Dealt With Concussions Back When He Worked There

Former WWE wrestler Maven has remembered how WWE handled concussions during his time in the promotion, and what's changed now.

The Tough Enough star recently analyzed CM Punk's podcast with Colt Cabana on his YouTube channel. The podcast took place following Punk's firing from WWE in 2014, during which Punk discussed WWE's concussion protocol. Maven recalled how there was no testing during his time in the company and that a doctor or trainer would only test wrestlers' motor functions if they potentially suffered a concussion.

"During my time, I got a few concussions and the only way I knew that were concussions is when I went backstage and was with Chris our trainer, or with a doctor that was on site," recalled Maven. "They would do a couple of motor function testing but there was no testing available. They would just almost in passing tell you, 'Yeah, you probably got a concussion,' and then that was the end of it. The fact that they moved to concussion testing, it might not be perfect, but it is a few steps better than what it was."

Punk, in the infamous interview, also stated that he often worked through concussions because he'd be punished if he didn't. Maven agreed with that assessment but said he often chose to work because he didn't want to lose his position to another wrestler. WWE seems to have changed its concussion protocol from the time of the Punk interview in 2014, with the company's CCO Triple H calling it the best among all sports. He added that WWE doesn't "mess around with" concussion protocols, with the staff and referees trained to spot and remedy the situation.

Punk suffered a concussion at the 2014 Royal Rumble match, which was the final match in his first run with WWE, but still passed the company's concussion test, which made him irate.