Rhea Ripley Discusses How Her Personality Helps Her Connect To WWE Fans

Rhea Ripley has been a dominant part of the women's division in recent times, while also playing a major impact in the men's division due to her Judgment Day ties. Despite being a heel, she has managed to win the fans over, which she believes is down to being herself onscreen. "I get very fed up and I stop listening to others and I want to live my life the way I live my life," she told "ESPN." "So, I am very grateful to everyone that has gravitated towards me just not caring. It's authentic and I think that's what people see, I'm not going out there and I'm not playing a character."

Ripley brings elements of her own personality into her on-creen character, which has helped her get over to the level she has with WWE fans. The gimmick she has right now is vastly different from how she looked and acted during her initial appearances, and that is why she's happy to have her mother's temper, as it allowed her to make the decision to switch things up.

"I feel like that's what happened with Cody [Rhodes] as well, and Steve [Austin], I feel like they tried these different characters and they didn't work," she said. "They finally just decided that they wanted to be genuine and authentic and that's what really worked for them because you're not trying when you're out there. You're just reacting and you're just being natural with things and at the end of the day I think that's what makes the perfect performer." 

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