Bully Ray Details The Hardest Part For Pro Wrestlers Dealing With Injuries

While injuries in pro wrestling are a common occurrence, they can often set back momentum drastically and affect a wrestler's mental space. Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer recently shared some tips for wrestlers dealing with injuries during a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio," and how social media has allowed stars to deal with things differently.

Cora Jade unfortunately tore her ACL recently and is expected to miss out on most of 2024 as she recovers from the injury. Dreamer expressed his belief that this year held great potential for the young star, but he is confident that she will come back "stronger and better." Additionally, he suggested that she simply focus on recovery. "The best thing is get your surgery, get healed up, [and] then focus on your rehab," said Dreamer.

Bully added to the conversation, claiming that sometimes injuries can be a blessing in disguise. "When you do make your eventual return, you're actually a bigger babyface or heel than you were when you return," the Hall of Famer claimed.

However, he noted that things can play out differently depending on the stage of your career and that this might be a tricky situation for Jade since she was growing within "WWE NXT." The veteran also recalled dealing with injuries and expressed that the mental aspect of recovery is arguably the worst part. He stated how, back in his day, injuries dealt a blow to wrestlers since they couldn't interact with fans to stay relevant.

"You will go over the particular moment in time millions of times in your head," said Ray. "Back before social media, the boys had no way of staying in contact with the fanbase. So there still is a way to keep yourself out there, the important thing is to stay positive mentally."

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