WWE President Nick Khan Opens Up About Working Relationship With Vince McMahon

Few people have had a closer working relationship with Vince McMahon than WWE President Nick Khan. Throughout that relationship, his main takeaway has been that if you're in a private setting with McMahon you can say anything you like, as long as you say it respectfully. "You can disagree with any point of view, and the folks who have succeeded tremendously at WWE ... I'm talking about executives on the outside, Kevin Dunn, Paul Levesque, many, many others they all had that trait where they understood, this is the boss," Khan told "The Pat McAfee Show." "He was the controlling shareholder, the founder of the company, this and that, so you're not going to call him out in a room full of people if you disagree with something, you're not going to be rude."

That is because McMahon himself is polite by nature, according to Khan. The Executive Chairman of TKO Group Holdings has been busy of late, with Dwayne Johnson joining the board of directors, and he was on hand yesterday to be front-facing with others in similar roles to roll out the announcement. 

"He prefers to be polite, but he's certainly comfortable if it has to go a different route, so what I've found with Vince was I can say anything to him directly in person as long as it was in a respectful way. He'd always hear it and oftentimes he'd agree with it," Khan said. "In terms of how often I'm in touch with him, I just saw him today at the New York Stock Exchange, he looks amazing, he's still buff as can be, he's still suited up and ready to go."

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