Bully Ray Invokes Classic Movie Villain In Analyzing Cody Rhodes' WWE Raw Promo

Cody Rhodes has become one of the biggest stars in WWE, even recently being named one of the cover stars for the upcoming "WWE 2K24" video game. But while he's now seen as a hero, has he been the villain all along? According to Bully Ray on "Busted Open Radio," Rhodes came off as the villain in what seems to be a feud with CM Punk. Bully claimed that Rhodes initially started off the segment being condescending. "There was more bass in Cody's voice to Punk, there was like more a slowing down." The veteran continued, likening Rhodes to Anakin Skywalker because he seemed conflicted. "I almost looked at Cody as Anakin Skywalker in the beginning of that promo. He felt torn to me. Like he didn't know what he wanted to say."

Additionally, Bully suggested that Punk bringing up Cody's father, Dusty Rhodes, could've made him feel uncomfortable. "Punk coming back saying 'Hey man, here's the deal, your daddy called me and said keep an eye on you, kid.' It almost feels like to a degree, Cody might have been a little uncomfortable in that space last night." Bully pointed out that being in the ring with a veteran like Punk might have added to Rhodes seeming unsettled.

Rhodes notably called himself a rebel and claimed he picked up the ball that Punk dropped when he left in 2014, but Bully disagreed with that. "I never felt Cody picked up the ball and ran with it after Punk disappeared. I didn't feel like Cody was that rebel. I take it personally when I hear guys talk about themselves as rebels and revolutionaries." Bully also explained it was a narrative that doesn't work, since Rhodes was never without opportunities.

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