Ex-WWE Star Lance Storm On Vince McMahon Allegations: 'He Needs To Be Gone And Done'

The wrestling world is still coming to terms with the recent lawsuit against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and other WWE employees by Janel Grant. The former employee, who filed the lawsuit on Thursday afternoon, alleges that she was the victim of sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse, rape, and sex trafficking while employed by WWE, with McMahon being the main perpetrator. 

During the most recent edition of "Wrestling Observer Radio," former WWE star Lance Storm weighed in with his thoughts on the situation. "I was one of the few that said he needed to be gone when the story first broke, and I was outspoken against him being allowed back into the office, being allowed back at shows when he when he came back. When he came back, I stopped watching the product and only started seeing some of the shows out of necessity."

Upon hearing Bryan Alvarez read some details of what transpired between McMahon and Grant, Storm had this to say. "That's classic sexual predator stuff," Storm said. "Find someone down on their luck and start grooming them and bending them to your will. Not only should he be booted off the board, take his keys to the office away, bar him from going to shows, and I think there needs to be a legitimate cleaning house of anyone who covered anything up who knew about this." Storm went on to say that criminal charges should be brought to the people involved if everything turns out to be true.

Both TKO Group Holdings and Vince McMahon's representatives have released statements regarding the details of the lawsuit. TKO noted that the company is investigating the matter internally and taking the allegations seriously. Meanwhile, McMahon's representatives have said they will fight the case.

A spokesperson for McMahon reached out to Wrestling Inc. with the following statement: "This lawsuit is replete with lies, obscene made-up instances that never occurred, and a vindictive distortion of the truth. He will vigorously defend himself."

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