Eric Bischoff Shares High Praise For Recent AEW Match And Promo

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe and his most recent opponent, Hook, won former WCW Senior Vice President Eric Bischoff over with their promo work and recent match on "AEW Dynamite." It was a match with lots of eyes on it following social media attention due to AEW CEO Tony Khan comparing it to an angle on "WWE Raw." Bischoff praised the feud on a recent episode of his "83 Weeks" podcast and said he loved the story and that the people who were involved in Hook's vignette before the match, as well as the bout itself, need to be recognized and moved up in the company.


"Make them raise their hands in a meeting," Bischoff said. 'Who's involved in the Hook promo? Everybody involved, raise your hand. Okay, now you guys go over here. Alright. Who was involved in laying out that match with Joe? Was there an agent involved? Did anybody else have input in that match?' ...These guys are now my head writers... Anybody that understands the storytelling of a two-minute promo, or whatever that was, also understands the story and storytelling technique that needs to be applied to the television show."

Bischoff said the match gave Hook a lot of exposure he had not yet had in AEW. He said the vignette before their match was so well done, the young star should be indebted to all involved in creating it. Bischoff believed the champion also deserved credit for Hook's star-making performance.


"That promo got him over. Got him over with me, for sure," Bischoff said. "I think generally people went, 'Wow, I dig that.' Got him over. And then Joe, I think Joe did a phenomenal job getting Hook over... Did the match create emotion? F*** yeah. Did the crowd enjoy the match because it created emotion? F*** yeah."