Dakota Kai Reacts To Bayley Winning WWE's 2024 Women's Royal Rumble Match

Fans across the world were delighted to see Bayley pick up one of the biggest victories of her career at the Royal Rumble when she outlasted 29 other women to win the Rumble match. Bayley entered at number three, secured seven eliminations, and broke the record for longest amount of time in a women's Rumble, breaking Rhea Ripley's record from 2023.

However, if there was one person who might have been more delighted than Bayley's fans, it's her Damage CTRL stablemate Dakota Kai, who told Denise Salcedo how emotional she was. "I cried, I was waterworks honestly," Kai said. "Seeing it all down and her being in the match for as long as she was too was insane. When it happened, I was just ... all the emotions bubbled to the surface. This woman has supported us, she brought me back, she brought IYO in and gave us an opportunity and she's always been the most selfless person, the most giving person. So to see her finally get her ... receive her roses, it was so nice. I cried like a baby."

Kai has been on the shelf since May 2023 after she tore her ACL on an episode of "WWE Smackdown," but seeing Bayley win the Royal Rumble has given her lots of motivation to get back in action. "I want to get back in the ring so bad," Kai said. "Watching them all have fun, I'm like 'oh god.' But we're so close, so I just want to get back into the mix of things physically as a wrestler, and just aim high." 

Please credit Denise Salcedo when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.