Why WWE Exec Bruce Prichard Says John Cena Is 'An Enigma'

Since making his debut in the early 2000s, WWE star John Cena has earned a reputation for working incredibly hard, eventually earning the nickname "Super Cena" for various reasons. As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time with Cena, WWE producer Bruce Prichard can attest to his work ethic and, during a recent episode of "Something to Wrestle With," Prichard discussed how Cena stands apart when it comes to recovering from injuries.

The WWE executive described Cena's process for his 2008 WWE Royal Rumble return, when he came back from a torn pec after less than four months to win the battle royale. It has lived on as one of the most memorable Cena moments, and Prichard stated that the WWE star began studying nutrition and hired a trainer to figure out how he could come back as quickly and safely as possible.

Other performers who have tried to do the same, such as former WWE star Marc Mero, have wound up serving as cautionary tales for what can happen when a wrestler rushes back from injury. Cena, however, made it look easy. While Cena was able to make the early comeback from injury, it's not something that Prichard recommends other wrestlers to do.

"He's an enigma," Prichard said. "He's a machine."

By the time the 2008 Royal Rumble arrived, Prichard said that the company was in contact with Cena daily to inquire about his return. Cena was also a regular presence backstage, so it was not a surprise when wrestlers saw him around the pay-per-view. However, only a few people were made aware that "Big Match John" was actually returning that night, making it all the more surprising when he entered the match at number 30 and won.

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