Rhea Ripley Explains The Judgment Day's Success In WWE

Despite an abrupt leadership change in the faction's early days, The Judgment Day has evolved into one of WWE's hottest acts of the current era. In addition to holding multiple championships, the group also continues to be one of the company's top merchandise sellers — particularly with apparel revolving around "The Eradicator" Rhea Ripley. During a recent appearance on "NotSam Wrestling," Ripley spoke about The Judgment Day's growing success, attributing it to a variety of factors.

"I think starting off with the four of us before JD [McDonagh] was in there, way before [R-Truth] ever broke into our clubhouse.... I think that it worked so well because there was four people from completely other sides of the world pretty much, and we all had something to prove," Ripley said. "We all just came together and we meshed so well together. It was sort of unseen unknown. We weren't expecting it to be that way, but we've just been going out there each and every week having fun. I think that's what people see. They see us being 110% ourselves, being authentic, and going out there and having fun, and that makes other people have fun at the same time. So, I think that's why Judgment Day has done so well. And now with JD in The Judgment Day, and not R-Truth, we're going to have a whole another load of fun in the future."

As Ripley alluded to, the four long-standing Judgment Day members hail from different areas of the world. Ripley grew up in Adelaide, South Australia; Finn Balor was born across the pond in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. Meanwhile, much of Damian Priest's early years were spent in Puerto Rico and New York state. Dominik Mysterio found himself on the opposite coast, as he was raised in San Diego, California. In 2023, Judgment Day expanded their numbers to welcome in another Ireland native, JD McDonagh. And while R-Truth attempts to build favor with Judgment Day, Ripley asserts that he is not an official member of the stable. 

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