AEW's Dustin Rhodes Helps Out Former WWE & ECW Talent Fallen On Hard Times

While wrestling fans can be pretty easily atomized by promotional affiliation or politics, wrestling is — more often than not — a brotherhood, lifting each other in times of hardship, regardless of company affiliation. One such situation happened between Dustin Rhodes and Justin Credible.

Former ECW World Champion Justin Credible took to social media to ask for help with his medical expenses, in the wake of a recent job loss, leading to AEW's Dustin Rhodes to reach out to help, expressing a hope that his help will keep the oft-troubled Credible on the straight and narrow. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion asked Credible for his PayPal information, then in a later tweet wrote confirmation that an undisclosed sum was sent to Credible. Credible was deeply moved by Rhodes's generosity.

The kind gesture came at the culmination of a tough year for the former ECW and WWE star, who not only lost a job and suffered from medical debt hardships, but was also displaced by a fire in the spring of last year. Credible has been very open about the struggles with drug addiction he's faced throughout his life, which he feels held him back for most of his career, a struggle he shares with Rhodes. 

Credible was arrested multiple times in 2018 but has seemingly brought himself back from the brink, despite recent struggles. Rhodes celebrated 15 years of sobriety last year, recently saying that he hopes and plans to stay sober for the rest of his life.