Bully Ray Assesses Ava Raine's Performance As WWE NXT's On-Screen GM

Bully Ray has discussed Ava Raine, The Rock's daughter, in her role as "WWE NXT" GM and pointed out a potential issue with her on-screen character.

On a recent "Busted Open Radio" show, Bully Ray questioned if Ava's character as "NXT" General Manager seems too seasoned despite being in the business for a short span of time.

"Do you feel that Ava's character acts a little bit more grizzled than she should?" asked Ray to fellow panelists Tommy Dreamer and Dave LaGreca. "Like, almost such a young woman in the wrestling business, a young performer — forget about man or woman — a young performer in the wrestling business as the GM. I notice when she is confronted backstage, she almost acts like an Adam Pearce (Raw GM) would, where she will be rolling her eyes, (saying in an exasperated way) 'huh, that took so much out of me.' Do you feel like she's a little too seasoned as opposed to somebody brand new, and I'm not talking about her as a human, I'm talking about her as a character."

Dreamer feels that Ava has held her own since she debuted in "NXT," and feels that she wasn't a good fit in the Schism faction. He argued that her being a fourth-generation star would've probably allowed her to learn by having listened and talked about the industry with her family. 

Dreamer added that he doesn't have a problem with her being assertive and feels that she wouldn't have been given the role of General Manager if she wasn't confident on the mic. He stated that a GM has to be assertive to be a believable television character, which he thinks Ava is doing a good job of. LaGreca agreed with Dreamer about the new "NXT" General Manager's ability on the mic and feels that she has a certain charisma that makes her stand out, but thinks that she isn't too involved on "NXT" television.