Bobby Lashley Open Up About Looking Up To WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T

WWE star Bobby Lashley has named a two-time WWE Hall of Famer as one of his main inspirations in the pro wrestling business.

The former WWE Champion was a recent guest on "The Bump," where he was asked about the role model he had when he was an aspiring wrestler. Lashley named Hall of Famer and current "WWE NXT" commentator Booker T as someone he looked up to.

"Definitely, when I first came in, one of the people I looked up to was Booker. And the reason why is because me and Booker feuded for a while when I was here (in WWE during his first run) when I first got in. He was one of the guys that kind of explained the business to me, kind of took me under his wing, and we had some great matches. I think Booker is definitely one (that helped him in pro wrestling)."

He also named others in the pro wrestling business, including the late Ernie Ladd and Koko B. Ware as stars who inspired him, but explained why Booker T was important to him. "For me, Booker was somebody who had a personal relationship with me," said Lashley. 

Booker T and Lashley feuded for the first time in 2006, a year after the latter made his WWE debut, with them even meeting in the final of the King Of The Ring in 2006, which was won by Booker T. They even faced each other for the World Heavyweight title later in the year, which was around the waist of the Hall of Famer then. The former WCW Champion saw a lot of potential in the "WWE SmackDown" star in the 2000s, with him revealing that he saw Lashley as his "heir apparent" when he left WWE for TNA