Thunder Rosa Gets Candid About Seth Rollins' Role At WWE WrestleMania Kickoff Event

The recent WWE WrestleMania 40 kickoff event saw Cody Rhodes officially choose Roman Reigns as his opponent at the upcoming show. However, according to Thunder Rosa, the segment didn't make Seth Rollins look great, especially after Reigns had trash-talked him.

"They've been insulting him this whole entire time," Rosa said on "Busted Open Radio." "I just hope, I really do hope, that there's a good payoff for both of them. As a performer, when you have to do certain things to make other people look good that will make your character diminish, it's rough because you're going to suffer a lot of criticism from the fans."

Rollins might not have been made to look as important at that moment, but he will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40 against the winner of the upcoming men's Elimination Chamber match. Meanwhile, there have been teases about the possibility of him and Rhodes teaming to face Reigns and The Rock, particularly since the trailer for the show saw all four men come face-to-face. However, Mickie James hopes that Rollins can lean into the disrespect he has been shown.

"I think people forget how damn good Seth is," James said. "When he says something like he's been here the whole time and he's a workhorse and he's always defending his championship and he's always in these marquee matches he's always going to have a killer match at every PPV he's at including WrestleMania, obviously, and it felt a little minimized. I hope at the backend that he steps into that; that's a real thing of going, 'Hold on, I'm Seth freaking Rollins.'"

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