Eric Bischoff Believes AEW 'Desperately Needs' To Hire This Former TNA Wrestling Executive

Following the news that Scott D'Amore was being let go from TNA Wrestling, people both within the promotion and outside of it offered their condolences and praise regarding the former executive. Speaking on a recent episode of "Strictly Business," another former wrestling executive, Eric Bischoff, offered his opinion on the situation.

"I've never heard anything but positive things about Scott," Bischoff said. "I never worked with Scott at all, so I don't have any personal experience with him that I could talk about, but I can't think of one person ... that I've talked to that didn't have good things to say about Scott D'Amore."

Bischoff then said that it's hard to truly measure success, as there are various perspectives from which to analyze a business. However, it would be hard to argue that D'Amore wasn't moving TNA in the right direction, with Bischoff finding it unusual that Anthem Sports & Entertainment would let him go. The former WCW executive said there could be many different reasons why D'Amore was let go that the public is not aware of.

Up to this point in D'Amore's career, Bischoff feels that the producer has stayed in the "minor leagues," but could find himself moving up. As far as the next destination for D'Amore, Bischoff sees one place where he would fit right in.

"I see a path for Scott in AEW much more easily than I see in WWE," Bischoff continued. "WWE, right now, doesn't need creative horsepower. ... AEW desperately needs somebody like Scott D'Amore. There's a previous relationship with Jeff Jarrett, within AEW, that would be beneficial to Scott D'Amore — at least I think so."

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