Bully Ray Critiques WWE's WrestleMania 2024 Kickoff Event

Bully Ray doesn't think the recent WWE WrestleMania XL kickoff press conference made a lot of sense. On "Busted Open Radio," he outright claimed WWE has no concrete plan for WrestleMania's main event.

"They still don't know what they're doing over there. They still cannot read the landscape yet. They think they have a good read on the landscape but they're not 100%, they're not even close to 100%. I don't know how you could be close to 100% after the press conference. Nothing went the way they thought it was going to go," Bully explained.


He said WWE could turn around and say they manipulated the crowd, but added any seasoned WWE performer could look at The Rock's face throughout the press conference and say that he looked aggravated. "He just goes almost stoic because Rocky knows where the pops are supposed to be and where the reactions are supposed to be and where the flow is supposed to go. It didn't go that way at the press conference," said Ray.

Even though Cody Rhodes has made it clear he wants to challenge Roman Reigns, Ray feels that with The Rock and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins (who wasn't pleased about the event too) haunting the fringes, there are too many moving parts.

"I don't buy it one bit that they have any clue what they were doing," Bully said, wondering if it was his problem that WWE wasn't making sense and not the promotion's fault, especially with the fan reaction on social media. "There's no way in hell that press conference went the way they wanted."


Bully believes Rollins looked too inconsequential for the WWE to have planned for the press conference to go the way that it did.

"He's just kinda standing there, off to the side. Here's your WWE World Heavyweight Champion, your workhorse ... and he's just standing there in his bright green tuxedo," Bully admonished, noting that Rollins ran away from the physical altercation that closed the event.