WWE Star LA Knight Talks About Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

LA Knight has quickly risen to become a fan favorite WWE, despite not yet capturing a world championship in the promotion. He's notably been compared to legends like The Rock and Steve Austin — in both favorable and unfavorable ways — but in a recent interview with "In The Kliq," Knight recalled struggling with his surge of fame.


Knight views the job he's doing today as practically the same thing he did when he entered the business, albeit with more fans. He noted that his success in WWE took off rapidly and he was used to being on the outside looking in. "I'm used to being on the defense, so to kind of feel like maybe there's a little support here really hit me kind of wrong to maybe there was something that resembled almost an imposter syndrome," said the "WWE SmackDown" star.

However, he then claimed that any feelings of imposter syndrome disappeared by the time the Royal Rumble came by and that many have claimed that he was the star in his match. "I think if you wanna look at it as far as being one of the top guys? I'd say that is the damnest truth, if not, the truth is maybe I am the top guy and it hasn't quite come to fruition yet."


Knight explained how he never started wrestling to simply be a background guy, and has aspirations to be "the guy,"  and in order to do that, he'll need championship gold. He explained that he isn't against capturing the United States or Intercontinental Championships, but that he won't stop there. "I told everyone from day one, I'm coming in for gold, and nobody's going to stop me, but at the end of the day, I'm looking for that top spot," said Knight.

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