Former WWE Star Nic Nemeth Discusses His Ambitions As An Indie Wrestler

Nic Nemeth, formerly known as Dolph Ziggler in WWE, has discussed his transition to the indie circuit after wrestling in WWE for years, and what he wants to differently.

After being one of the stars released from WWE last year, Nemeth returned to the industry and is currently signed to TNA Wrestling. In an appearance on the "Wrestling Perspective Podcast," Nemeth opened up about the plans he has for his career as an indie wrestler.


Nemeth claimed he's still close with Matt Cardona and once looked at all the things the star has been doing since he became the "Death Match" king. "And I go, 'Man, when I'm out of here, can I do all these moves, can I remember all these moves? I don't think that's for me.'" 

Despite this, Nemeth noted that it's up to him to adapt to new environments outside of WWE. He continued, explaining how his style of wrestling is based on in-ring psychology but noted how he tried to stand out with his ring gear. 

"I'm really psychology-based, and a lot of things aren't and that's totally fine, but some people are doing much like me, I was trying to stand out by selling or having pink tights or pigtails," said the new TNA star.


Nemeth also noted how he always tried to elevate the younger talent he worked with and believes he's managed to do that every time. "On the live events? I'm doing all of those different things, having the best time of my world, and then teaching somebody who's in there with me. But TV-wise, you don't. So, I'm trying to find the formula that works."

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion also revealed that his matches in WWE were often cut.

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