Why AEW Boss Tony Khan Is Excited For WWE's Broadcast Rights Deal With Netflix

With WWE's media rights now secured for the next several years thanks to deals with USA Network, CW Network, and Netflix for "SmackDown," "NXT," and "Raw," all eyes have turned to AEW and their media rights negotiations. The promotion's contract with Warner Brothers Discovery is set to expire at the end of the year, and while many expect "AEW Dynamite," "Rampage," and "Collision" to remain under the WBD umbrella, questions remain regarding how much money they'll be able to get.


Fortunately, AEW owner Tony Khan remains bullish on AEW's chances for a big increase, particularly thanks to WWE's success. In an interview with "Payne & Pendergast" before the Super Bowl, Khan credited WWE's strong new deals, including their 10-year, $5 billion deal with Netflix for "Raw," as a sign that AEW can expect strong numbers for themselves when they and WBD hammer out a deal.

"We're excited to get big media rights renewals happening in the pro wrestling business," Khan said. "That's great to see for everybody...We're in a big contract year too. AEW is going to be getting big media rights. And right now, we have a great partnership on TBS and TNT that I want to continue for a long time. We've been on since 2019, so it's five years now we're going on TBS and TNT. And it's been great, and I want to keep it going, because there's a great tradition of wrestling on those channels, TNT and TBS, including that we brought back Saturday night wrestling."


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