Kevin Nash Gets Candid About The Rock's Performance In WWE As A Heel

Despite originally returning to WWE as a babyface, The Rock turned heel during the recent WrestleMania 40 Kickoff press event. Rock aligned himself with Roman Reigns, slapping Cody Rhodes in the process, which got the wrestling world talking. Despite the "People's Champion" having been a babyface throughout his part-time appearances in recent years, Kevin Nash doesn't believe there will be any problems for Rock transitioning into a heel.


"People forget how good of a f***ing heel Rock was, and people also forget how quick in Toronto [WrestleMania 18] Rock made the adjustment on Hogan when the building made the adjustment with Hulk," Nash said on "Kliq This." Rock and Reigns ended up leaving the event together after the WWE legend put Paul "Triple H" Levesque on notice to sort the situation. It left more questions than answers, but Nash pointed out that no matter how great of a champion the "Tribal Chief" has been, he will never be as big of a star as The Rock. While Reigns is seemingly gearing up to defend his title against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 40, Nash isn't so sure that Rhodes will end up finishing the story then. 


"I think that they're going to want for Roman to be of the modern generation, the longest champ," Nash said. "I think they want to erase the Hogan era, they do. I think they want to start basically clean from that era. If you ever are going to do that, you're about 200 days away from it right now."

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