Johnny Gargano Shares Amusing DIY Merch Mockup Following WWE Raw

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are tearing up the WWE tag team division once again as DIY, which means that new merchandise is not far behind. Gargano took to social media to show a cheeky mock-up for the latest DIY t-shirts that likely won't get released.


"Now, wait a minute. I don't think we can do this ..." Gargano wrote on X (formerly Twitter) over a picture of a DIY shirt with an X over the Y, making it not only look like the D-Generation X logo circa the popular faction's 2006 revival but also spelling "Dix," which could be misconstrued as slang for male genitalia.

DIY reformed in October, quickly becoming stars of the tag division, even recently competing against Judgment Day for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship, albeit unsuccessfully. Ciampa is excited to be reunited with his friend Gargano, after a spate of injuries kept both competitors apart for a considerable amount of time, with them injured at different times. The two friends teamed together in "WWE NXT" before Ciampa's "NXT" Championship aspirations drove him mad, leading to them fighting in a heavily lauded series of matches before going their separate ways. 


Both men flirted with the main roster, debuting at different points before returning to "NXT," where Ciampa oversaw the transition from Black & Gold "NXT" to the current "NXT 2.0." There was a considerable build-up from Gargano, who was searching for Ciampa most of last summer before the tandem finally made it to WWE television together last year.