WWE's The Undertaker Opens Up About Nervousness For Recent 1deadMan Show

The Undertaker brought back his popular 1deadMan Show during WWE Royal Rumble weekend after a slight break, and despite his years and experience in the pro wrestling business, he confessed to being a little nervous about it.


He admitted on his on his "Six Feet Under" podcast that the crowd was a little quiet ahead of him coming out on stage during the Rumble weekend, despite them normally being antsy when Metallica starts blaring out pre-show.

"I was like, 'Well, they're worn out, they're worn out from the Rumble,' and I'm thinking, 'Holy crap,'" he explained on "Six Feet Under." "It was sold out. But once I got out there it was probably top three shows that I've done. They were saving their energy because once I got up on stage and we got into it was really good."

The Undertaker shares stories about his life and career in the wrestling business on the 1deadMan Show, with tales ranging from life on the road to some of his epic in-ring encounters. They typically take place on premium live event weekends, when large numbers of the WWE Universe are in town The WWE Hall of Famer also explained why the show was held after the Rumble rather than before it.


"Normally I do my shows on Friday night, the night before the Rumble so everyone's got all their full energy," he said. "So, the way it worked out because they had 'SmackDown' on Friday, they had the Rumble on Saturday, I did my show on Sunday, and then they did 'Raw' on Monday." 

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