WWE Exec Bruce Prichard Says This Incarnation Of Bubba Ray Was His Favorite Dudley

In 2018, WWE inducted the Dudley Boyz — Bubba Ray and D-Von — into the company's Hall of Fame, recognizing their immense impact on tag team wrestling over the years. Speaking on a recent episode of "Something To Wrestle," WWE producer Bruce Prichard talked about first bringing The Dudley Boyz to the promotion in the late 1990s, including an explanation of his favorite member of the group.


"I find the Dudleys to be highly entertaining," Prichard said. "You got Big Dick Dudley, and Spike Dudley, ... but the most entertaining, to me, was 'Stuttering' Bubba Ray Dudley."

Prichard then did his impression of Bubba Ray, including an artificial stutter and explaining that D-Von helped bring the whole presentation together. While many may have doubted that a "stuttering gimmick" would work, Prichard said that Dudley made it happen.

"To me, that was the endearing Dudley," Prichard continued. "To me, that made me want to help him [and] root for him all that much more, because I knew ... he [was] fighting to get this out here. He was emotional."

When the company eventually decided to do away with Dudley's stutter, Prichard felt that it took an important element away from the character. The WWE executive also shared that he was under the impression that Bubba Ray was actually "a light-skinned African American" man until he met Dudley in person.


Though D-Von had been retired from wrestling since 2016, he reunited with Bubba Ray last year for the 1000th episode of Impact Wrestling's television show. The pair teamed up to face Champagne Singh and Rohit Raju, walking away with a victory after less than five minutes.

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