Big E Recalls How Important WWE Match With CM Punk Was To Him

While fans patiently wait for former WWE Champion Ettore "Big E" Ewen to return to in-ring action, he continues to be actively vocal outside of the ring since his sidelining neck injury. The charismatic New Day member was a guest recently on "The Sarah O'Connell Show," where he spoke about a pivotal moment that shaped his career. 


Ewen recalled that being matched against CM Punk on "WWE Raw" in September 2013 was a major turning point for his character. "The match I had with Punk in 2013 was so important for me because at that time, we had been done with the Dolph [Ziggler] stuff, I moved on to AJ [Lee]'s bodyguard, I was done with that, and I was really floundering. I was in a position where I wasn't really on TV much." Prior to this, Big E was told by management he would just be needed for "WWE SmackDown," which he explains was usually a precursor to being sent back to developmental or released.

Ewen later learned from Punk's future wife, AJ Lee, that the match had happened due to Punk asking to work with him. The two would have another match, which led to Big E turning face, and winning the Intercontinental Championship from Curtis Axel not long after. "It saved my career, and I can't thank [Punk] enough for that, and I'm so grateful for it because I truly don't even know where my life would be if it wasn't for him going out of his way to look out for young talent."


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