Video: Matt Taven Goes Off On Orange Cassidy After AEW Dynamite Texas Death Match

ROH World Tag Team Champion Matt Taven put forth a breathtaking effort on Wednesday's "AEW Dynamite," wrestling AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy in a Texas Death Match, and showing off his superhuman pain tolerance in the process. In a new video on X, Taven dedicated the match to anyone who has ever doubted him.


"You just saw the tip of the iceberg. You're just scratching the surface of what Matt Taven has to offer here in AEW," Taven said, covered in blood. The former ROH World Champion chastised Cassidy for not seeing The Undisputed Kingdom's clear plan to beat up the International Champion ahead of his match against Roderick Strong at Revolution. "This is just what we do. All the people that want to say whatever they want about Matt Taven, I could care less."

Taven debuted in AEW, alongside his longtime tag team partner Mike Bennett, in October 2022, mainly being featured on the ROH brand. However the tandem joining up with former Kingdom member Adam Cole, as well as Roderick Strong and Wardlow has formed the Undisputed Kingdom, initially formed to rid AEW of World Champion MJF. Now that MJF is no longer champion and away from television, the group has made it clear they are attempting to capture as much gold as possible, with Taven and Bennett winning the ROH World Tag Titles from Cole (who was injured and substituted with Samoa Joe) and MJF with their identities hidden under masks, not revealing their role in the plot until December's Worlds End.