AEW's Jeff Jarrett Opens Up About Scott D'Amore's 'Perplexing' TNA Dismissal

Fans of TNA are still coming to terms with the shocking news that former President Scott D'Amore has been fired from the company. D'Amore was removed from his position by parent company Anthem Sports, with Anthony Cicione taking his place. If there is one man that might know TNA better than anyone, it's co-founder of the company Jeff Jarrett, who spoke openly about the situation on his "My World" podcast.


Jarrett explained that he doesn't know the financial situation TNA is in, but noted that the company seemed to have the most buzz around it in quite some time when the rebranding announcement happened in late 2023. While he admitted there may be more to it, Jarrett, like many, was puzzled by the decision. "Just the timing of it all is very perplexing," Jarrett said. "They've got their work cut out, no doubt. Nobody's irreplaceable, I mean we're watching that right before our eyes, no talent, no executive, nobody's irreplaceable in this industry. That being said, what is their plan in place? That's what I've yet to hear come out."

The decision to fire D'Amore was reportedly financially driven, as D'Amore encouraged Anthem Sports to invest more money in TNA, but Anthem decided that they would rather cut budgets across the board. D'Amore leaving TNA is the latest in a long line of big changes at the top of wrestling companies internationally, with Rossy Ogawa leaving STARDOM, Hiroshi Tanahashi becoming the President of NJPW, and Vince McMahon resigning from his positions in WWE and TKO following the Janel Grant lawsuit.


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