Damian Priest Discusses Origin Of WWE Stablemate Rhea Ripley's Mami Moniker

As Rhea Ripley continues to evolve, so does her nickname. Initially labeled as "The Nightmare," then "The Eradicator," Ripley is now known as "Mami," serving as a commanding maternal figure of sorts for The Judgment Day in WWE. During a recent interview with "Inside The Ropes," Ripley's stablemate Damian Priest provided some insight into the origins behind her current moniker. 


"Obviously when Dom [Mysterio] started, when he joined the Judgment Day, she was kind of his boss in a way,' Priest said. "We were doing all the talking about Eddie [Guerrero] and whatnot and it was like, 'You should start calling yourself Papi.' So that was the first idea, but obviously, that's Eddie Guerrero. So it was like, well we can't really just do that because that's his thing and that's completely being somebody else. So I was like, 'Easy fix – Mami.' We had the Mamacita [in Chyna], but not Mami. I pitched it, and I think she said it one time or something and it took off. There was signs everywhere [saying] 'Mami, Mami, Mami.' So, it's cool."

Given that the Judgment Day stable (comprised of Ripley, Priest, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh) has developed a close bond, Priest attests that it is fairly routine for them to exchange ideas and advice with one another. "That was just part of the process of what we do for each other," Priest said.


The Judgment Day's closeness is also something that Ripley believes to be one of the leading factors to their success in WWE.

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