WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T Explains How Maven's Spot In ROW Came About

As the winner of the first season of "WWE Tough Enough," Maven quickly burst onto the scene and was seemingly poised for greatness in the promotion. Unfortunately, his career didn't last very long, and he stepped away from the industry in 2007. However, Maven will be joining a number of talent for Reality Of Wrestling's Last Stand Rumble, which Booker T commented on during his "Hall of Fame" podcast.


Maven's aspirations to appear at a WWE Royal Rumble have been well-known, but Booker revealed this is something all veterans actually anticipate every year. "All of us, you know, retired superstars every time around that time of the year we're looking at our phones, waiting on the texts, emails, something! Sometimes they come through, most times they don't." As the owner of ROW, Booker had the rare opportunity to invite his friend to his promotion's version of the battle royal, especially since Maven didn't make the cut for this year's Rumble. "For Maven it didn't come through, but I knew we had the Last Stand Rumble and I called Maven and I said 'Maven, would you do us the honors of being in this year's Last Stand Rumble?' And I didn't get a word out before Maven said 'I'm in!'"


Booker added this was simply an example of Maven's enthusiasm for wrestling and that he wants to give him a shot at winning a major event, but he stressed he has no hand in the outcome. "I wanna give Maven the chance, wanna give Maven the chance to win the 'Big One' just one time ... I just got him in the Rumble, I'm not going to have anything to do with what happens once he gets in there."

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