WWE Star Grayson Waller Throws Shade At Cody Rhodes Ahead Of Elimination Chamber 2024

WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth will take place in less than a week, and in addition to the four matches currently scheduled for the show, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins are set to appear on "The Grayson Waller Effect" in the host's home country. Ahead of Sunday's event, Waller posted a photo of himself en route to Australia, including a pointed jab at Rhodes.


For nearly two years now, Rhodes has been promising to "finish the story" started by his father, Dusty Rhodes. To Cody, that means winning the current iteration of the WWE Championship, currently held by Roman Reigns. Though the road to the match being made official was a little bumpy, Rhodes is now set to face Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 40 in April. However, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Rollins are both entangled in the situation as well. Rhodes and Rollins will likely discuss the situation with Waller at Elimination Chamber.


After signing with the company in 2021, Waller was brought up to the WWE main roster last year. "The Grayson Waller Effect" has been a regular piece of his presentation, and Waller has also formed a partnership with Austin Theory. While it hasn't been confirmed, it should not come as a surprise if Waller has Theory around for backup against Rhodes and Rollins. As evidenced by his recent social media post, Waller's character tends to let his mouth get him into trouble.

Unless their appearance is being kept a surprise, Reigns and The Rock are not expected to appear at Elimination Chamber. Rumors point toward The Rock wrestling at this year's WrestleMania, however. A tag match pitting Rock and Reigns against Rollins and Rhodes on the first night of the big event seems more likely than a singles match for Johnson at this point.