AEW's Anthony Bowens Opens Up About Working With Billy Gunn In The Acclaimed

Ever since The Acclaimed started teaming up with Billy Gunn, they have been one of the most popular groups in AEW. From proclaiming days of the year to be "National Scissoring Day," to winning tag team and trios gold, Gunn, Max Caster, and Anthony Bowens have gone on to become one of the most decorated factions in the history of AEW.


During a recent interview with "Compas on the Beat," Bowens revealed what it has been like to work with someone with the experience level of Gunn. "I call him a beacon of light," Bowens said. "He's so helpful, he's a fantastic resource, he's a wrestling encyclopedia." 

Bowens explained that even though Gunn has been in the business longer than he and Caster put together, he's a big fan of being challenged and coming up with new ideas this late in his career. 

"What I like about him is he's open to questions and he's open to challenging things," Bowens said. "I like to play devil's advocate all the time. He'll throw out advice on a scenario and I'll go, 'Wait a minute, what if this, this, this, and this happened?' He'll go, 'Huh ... you're right,' and he'll adapt his advice and end up being right anyway. So I appreciate being able to have those kinds of conversations with him and to learn and grow under his learning tree."


The three men have reigned as the AEW World Trios Champions since defeating the House of Black at the All In event in August 2023. They have since started teaming with the current ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions, Bullet Club Gold, forming the Bang Bang Scissor Gang, and have continued their success in multi-man matches in recent weeks.

Please credit "Compas on the Beat" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.