AEW Star Matt Hardy Opens Up About Sammy Guevara's 'Hardy Curse'

Sammy Guevara's history against the Hardy family continues to be tainted, with his most recent match against Jeff Hardy on "AEW Rampage" having a botched move from the top rope leading to him landing on Hardy's face, and Matt Hardy believes it proves that the Guevara – Hardy curse is real. 


"It lives on. We thought it ended in 2020, but it picked right back up in February 2024, " Hardy said on "Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy." "It definitely rocked Jeff, and Jeff for sure has a broken nose and that's really all we know, they're still going to undergo some more testing and whatnot to find out what his total injury is or would be, but we know right now, at a minimum it's a broken nose."

Matt's own experience working against Guevara was also an unfortunate one and led to two nasty injuries for him. The first came when Guevara threw a chair into his face, which led to Hardy being busted open and requiring 13 stitches. Then came a scarier spot during their All Out match where Hardy was speared off a forklift truck only to miss the tables underneath and slam his head onto the concrete.


Fortunately, it appears that Jeff managed to come away relatively unscathed outside of his nose injury. Matt confirmed that his brother was in great spirits when they flew him, which is a positive sign. 

"It's funny because he's never broken his nose before which is insane to think about," he said. "Pro wrestlers, breaking your nose is a pretty standard thing it happens at some point, especially if you wrestle for three decades like we have."

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