Booker T Says Son Of Late WWE Star Is Returning To His ROW Promotion

Booker T has confirmed that Zilla Fatu, son of former WWE Superstar Umaga, is going to be returning to Reality Of Wrestling to continue his training, despite the two parting ways back in September due to what Booker described as "irreconcilable differences." "It's almost like sometimes with young people these days you've got to let them see what things are like on their own," Booker said on "Hall Of Fame." "You've got to let them go out there and fly their wings, and then they see how it is." 


Booker's school has had several notable former students, with the likes of Roxanne Perez, Sammy Guevara, Ember Moon, and Bryan Keith all having been trained by him. The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer explained he is like a father, who always leaves the door open for people and will always be forgiving to people, which is why the door has been opened back up to Fatu.

"Especially when I'm working with somebody young, especially when I'm working with somebody that has gone through it like I did," Booker said. "He lost his dad early, I lost my dad when I was 10 months old, I lost my mom when I was 14 so I know what it's like to be rebellious. But, I need that out of Zilla, I need that." While Fatu is still at the start of his career, there is plenty of expectation, due to his family lineage, and Booker made it clear it's now time for them to take the world by storm and, "go out there and make Umaga proud, proud as he ever can be." Fatu will be making his in-ring return on March 9 at ROW's The Last Stand Rumble event.


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