Former WWE Star Damien Sandow Discusses Experience Doing NWA Powerrr

After being released from WWE in 2016, Aron Stevens (formerly Damien Sandow) began to work the indies before joining TNA for a brief stint. In 2019, Sandow joined the NWA around the time of launching their weekly online and premiere show "NWA Powerrr".


Speaking on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet" the former "Intellectual Savior of the Masses" spoke about how he got his start with a phone call, "It was one of Billy Corgan's people saying hey, we're doing these episodes, and blah blah blah explaining what NWA Powerrr was going to be, and I'm just like: eh, I don't know." Stevens was flown out to the NWA Arena in Atlanta, "What happened was, I flew in a day early and when I walked into that studio, and I'm talking about the pre-pandemic — the one in Atlanta for those first episodes of "Powerrr — I remember I walked in ... and I went: Woah!" 

He stated he was taken aback by the overwhelming nostalgia of the set, "Like I stopped, and I got chills for a second, I'm like: this looks incredible, it's as if the original NWA show never went off the air, and it was magic and I will say this, that crowd was just magic. We had a very deep roster then and the crowd just loved it. It was this weird kind of void that I think is missing in the business today."


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