Former WWE Star Hornswoggle Details How WeeLC Match Surprised People

Hornswoggle's WeeLC match against El Torito at WWE's Extreme Rules in 2014 got the entire wrestling world talking. It ended up surprising not only the WWE Universe but also those within the company who initially booked it and expected a different reaction.


"Everyone was denying it, everyone was thinking it was going to be such a joke," Hornswoggle told "What Happened When with Tony Schiavone." "It was the only standing ovation, at that point, I'd ever gotten back in gorilla. To have Vince and everyone standing for it was pretty awesome, just a cool moment to have."

Wrestling El Torito was something Hornswoggle always wanted to do because he had been jealous another midget wrestler was getting over, but also because the Mexican star was an excellent wrestler. Hornswoggle revealed that El Torito is one of the best athletes he's ever seen, capable of doing incredible things for his size which fans got to see within the WeeLC encounter.

"They always said, the last thing they wanted to do is have him and I work with each other because, "That's just too easy,' well no sh*t, obviously. So why not do it?" he said.


The match ended up being placed on the pre-show of that premium live event, and he admitted that they were initially worried about the live crowd not reacting due to New Jersey being known for wanting to get behind the heels.

"We struck gold that night and it was awesome, it's the best match I ever had and ever will have," he said. "It's one of those moments where I'll always remember it."

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