WWE Hall Of Famer Road Dogg Gets Candid About The Women's Tag Division

The WWE's Women's Tag Team Championships have had a rollercoaster journey since they were created in 2019, with the division often being hit and miss due to a lack of teams, champions being injured or opting to vacate the titles, or the division simply not being a focal point. However, Brian "Road Dogg" James believes it's something that a company should have, if possible.


"If you have a roster that can sustain a women's tag division, then you can have women's tag titles," he said on "Oh You Didn't Know." "A lot of companies haven't had enough women to actually have a competitive tag team division." 

The Kabuki Warriors currently hold the titles, and there has been an increased interest and investment in the division as of late by WWE's creative team. It's something that Chelsea Green has been vocal about, claiming that the division is doing well, and that sentiment is echoed by James. The company has been creating genuine teams that are focused on the division alone such as Katana Chance and Kiana James, and that effort is helping the division rise in the eyes of fans.


"We have one now," he said about the division being competitive. "But it's getting more and more women as the time goes by, so I think we're building a little tag team division right now so that they can have formidable opponents for the women's tag team titles. I think it's about time, right? But you've just got to have the roster to sustain it."

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