Chelsea Green Assesses WWE's Women's Tag Team Picture

Since its inception, the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship has not always been a focal point of WWE, often being an afterthought. However, with six teams on the main roster alone at the moment, Chelsea Green is seeing an improvement for the division. "Actually, if you think about if you break down the amount of tag teams we have we're doing well," she told "Wrestling NewsCo." "Even if we throw in a couple of tag teams, if we throw in Shotzi with someone, if we throw in Mia Yim with someone, Ivy and Maxinne, again our roster is deep right now. So, I really think we've got a good chance of having these titles continue to mean something and not take the dip that we've seen in the past."

Green is a former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion, originally winning the titles with Sonya Deville. However, after her former partner got injured Green vowed to break the curse that the titles had seemingly been under with injuries and Sasha Banks and Naomi's decision to walk out while holding them. It led to her searching for a partner, which became a storyline, and certainly helped to keep them relevant. While she and Piper Niven may no longer be holding the gold, Green is still determined as ever to make the division a big deal.

"I think going into WrestleMania having a really banger tag team match is going to be key to that, and I can't see why it wouldn't happen," Green said. "Triple H is really putting a lot of effort into the females and into the female division. I don't know what's going to happen, but I just feel like this year is going to be really good for women in WWE.

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