WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam Points To Wrestling Feat He Could Be The First To Do

Rob Van Dam has made sporadic appearances for AEW ever since August, and while he has yet to be involved in a long-term storyline, that hasn't stopped the legendary performer from hinting at making history with the company at some point. "If I go after the AEW Championship, say I collect that f***ing gold, add that, and become the only wrestler to have held the WWE, TNA, ECW, and AEW Championship[s]," he said on "1 Of A Kind." "I mean, I do s**t like that, I'm always finding new ways to stand out and be one of a kind." 


RVD has previously competed for the FTW Championship in AEW, but came up short against Jack Perry. Since then he's teamed with HOOK and competed against Swerve Strickland in singles action, but hasn't been officially signed by the company. Both he and Tony Khan have been open about being happy to work together though, and he is set to be part of the upcoming "AEW Collision" on 4/20. However, it remains to be seen whether or not he can string a consistent run together to make a push towards one final World Title run.

"Imagine if that happened, how inspired people would be in general to think they grew up watching me decades ago and then here at 53 they're seeing me perceptively, maybe, having the best matches or the best year of my career," he said. "Even if they could just look at it that way from a small point of view, that's just amazing."


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