WWE Alum Ricardo Rodriguez On Opening Wrestling School After Working With Great Khali

Ricardo Rodriguez is a former WWE personality, best known for serving as Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer for several years, who is now working as an independent promoter and trainer. Appearing on "Under The Ring," Rodriguez discussed taking lessons from his own time in wrestling and applying them to his current endeavor.


"I learned a lot ... when I was in WWE," Rodriguez said. "Even though the basic fundamentals were very similar in style, everybody had a different approach on how to teach something. And then I got to learn from them the concept that everybody learns differently, at different speeds and through different methods."

Rodriguez also discussed his time teaching at The Great Khali's wrestling school in India. According to Rodriguez, Khali was not often there himself, but would occasionally show up and share a few words with the trainees without getting active himself.

"There's a lot of methods that he would try to teach the guys that I did not agree with because obviously he was not in the ring," Rodriguez continued. "But I could never take away the level of stardom that that man has in India. "


After exiting from his position at Khali's school, Rodriguez returned to the United States, opening up Three Legacies Wrestling Academy in 2022. Despite not always agreeing with Khali's training methods, Rodriguez stated that he's benefitted from spending time around all different types of wrestlers and learning their styles. That's the kind of detail that Rodriguez said he is passing on to his students at his Pennsylvania-based school.

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