Triple H Discusses The Two Sides Of WWE Women's World Champ Rhea Ripley

While Rhea Ripley may be a menacing villain on WWE television, WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque attests that she displays a much more light-hearted attitude off-screen. Ahead of WWE's 2024 Elimination Chamber event, Levesque and Ripley appeared as guests on "Xav & Michelle For Breakfast," where the 14-time world champion provided a glimpse into the differing personalities he sees from Ripley behind the scenes and on-screen.


"Let me tell you this, because this [giggliness] is the Rhea Ripley that I see. The pissed-off Rhea Ripley is TV Rhea Ripley. On TV, she's pissed off. I see fun, giggly, happy Rhea all the time. She's scary when she's pissed off. I don't like that [verison of] Rhea," Levesque joked.

Diving deeper into Ripley's demeanor, Levesque pointed out the dramatic transformation that Ripley has undergone since joining WWE in 2017. Initially introduced as a cheery, long-haired blonde superstar, Ripley gradually evolved into a raven-haired, punk-inspired "Eradictator" on-screen. Ripley's current character has also led her to a reign of dominance on "WWE Raw," where she serves as the WWE Women's World Champion.


"The difference between you when I first met you [at] 20 years old — nice, polite, shy Rhea Ripley that was your stereotypical blonde, just nice young lady — to the animal sitting next to me now. So anybody that maybe picked on her before should think twice about that," Levesque said.

Though her current ensemble may lean toward the darker side, its uniqueness has inspired several fans to not only embrace their own bodies and styles, but to also be unapologetically themselves.

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