Ricardo Rodriguez Details His Backstage WWE Relationship With Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio had a decorated run in WWE and has enjoyed success in the industry since parting from the promotion as well. Recently, his former wrestling valet, Ricardo Rodriguez recalled how it was working beside Del Rio, during an interview with "Under the Ring."


According to Rodriguez, while he didn't personally know Del Rio before their pairing, he was very aware of his legendary family. "I knew of him because I grew up watching Lucha Libre and I first started training in Mexican Lucha Libre, so I was very aware of the Dos Caras family." 

Rodriguez then claimed that he had never seen Del Rio without his Dos Caras Jr. mask, and had to inquire from a friend about his identity. "I was doing, I was like, 'Hey, who's this Alberto Del Rio guy.' And he goes, 'That's Dos Caras Junior.' I was like, 'What? No way.' So then I kinda clicked, and I fanboyed a little bit so that was kind of cool." 

Additionally, he noted that he and Del Rio were inseparable after they warmed up to each other. Following this, Rodriguez boldly claimed that WWE hasn't had a combination like him and Del Rio since then. 


"I wasn't just the ring announcer, there was times I would get with the agent who would put the match together. Let's say, Alberto or Cena would be doing promos so they don't have time to put together the match. And then as the match would happen, I'm calling it, so if you ever see me running back and forth? It's because I'm calling it to them," said the former WWE star.

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