Former WWE Star Mandy Rose Details Goal She Had For Stint In NXT

Former WWE star Mandy Rose, who achieved the most success of her WWE career in her final run with "WWE NXT," has discussed the changes she made to refresh her character.

Speaking to McKenzie Mitchell on her YouTube channel, Rose detailed what she wanted to achieve when she went back to "NXT." Her run on "NXT" between 2021 and 2022 was something Rose took very seriously, and she wanted her character to reflect that.


"I went with the whole dark hair look and I just had kind of a different vibe going," Rose said. "I just wanted to be a little edgier, I wanted to be taken more serious because it was always 'The Golden Goddess' and I wanted to switch it up."

She reigned as the "NXT" Women's Champion for 14 months, defeating many fan favorites along the way like Dakota Kai, Meiko Satomura, and Io Shirai (now known as IYO Sky). Her reign as champion came to an abrupt end when Roxanne Perez defeated her in December 2022, which was quickly followed by the news of her release. The reasons for her release were based on the content she was producing for her FanTime account, which was either deemed "too explicit" for WWE's PG image or clashed with the terms and conditions of one of the company's sponsors, depending on who you ask.


Rose had an eventful career during her seven years with the company. She spent all of 2016 in "NXT" before being called up to the main roster at the turn of the new year and spent over four years on both "WWE Raw" and "WWE Smackdown" before eventually returning to "NXT" in 2021 – the brand she stayed on until she was released in December 2022.

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