Bully Ray Gets Candid About Wardlow's Promo From AEW Dynamite

Wardlow revealed that it is war now during his promo on "AEW Dynamite" this week, as he recalled how he's beaten several AEW World Champions and has been overlooked in the process. It was a mission statement of sorts and one that Bully Ray thought was amazing. "You know how I feel about people yelling, I hate yelling and screaming. I like volume up, volume down, tone, and flexion," he said on "Busted Open Radio." "Wardlow just screamed the whole time, but that was good because Wardlow was pissed and Wardlow should be pissed. You know what Wardlow did tonight? He told the truth."


Bully felt Wardlow was right with the points he made about being homegrown and someone who should have been the AEW World Champion before. The WWE Hall Of Famer is hoping that the promo will be a turning point for Wardlow, who has been getting focused on once again as of late due to his position in the Undisputed Kingdom. However, should AEW drop the ball on "Mr. Mayhem" again, Bully made it clear how he will feel. 

"If he goes out there and he delivers this promo tonight and is then forgotten about again or is not followed up on again, or falls to the wayside again in a couple of weeks, that's it — washing my hands," Bully said. "Done, over, I'm not paying attention anymore. Not because I dislike Wardlow, but because I don't trust the process and the system in AEW when it comes to Wardlow."


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