Eric Bischoff Makes Prediction For When WWE WrestleMania 40 Card Will Be Finalized

WWE's Elimination Chamber will be the final stop on the Road To WrestleMania, and while several matches will be confirmed for WrestleMania 40 coming out of it, Eric Bischoff doesn't believe fans will know 100% of the card for "The Grandest Stage Of Them All." "I think you'll get that about four weeks out, a little early," he said on "Strictly Business" about learning the card this weekend. 


The challenger for Seth Rollins' World Heavyweight Championship will be confirmed inside the Elimination Chamber, while the two participants competing for the Women's World Championship will also be revealed after the women's Chamber match and the encounter between Rhea Ripley and Nia Jax. However, as the Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes match has proven due to the changes that have already taken place, anything can happen and nothing is truly set in stone until much closer to WrestleMania, which Bischoff thinks is a good thing. 

"You're going to want to build, you want to keep that momentum going," Bischoff said. "You come out and announce the whole card right away it's kind of difficult to build anticipation once everybody knows what's going to happen. I think they'll continue to build on the anticipation element, and as a result of that you won't have a definitive card until about four weeks out, that would be my guess."


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